Name: Wings of Icarus
Exhibitions: 25. Interational Biennale of Vallauris, France, 2019, 15. Biennale Ceramica Artistica di Aveiro, Portugal, 2019
Year: 2018



Wings of Icarus
The wings of Icarus in the Greek mythology were made of feather and wax, mine are made of white clay. They are a symbol of freedom, development, hope and balance. Everything is changing all the time and looking for balance at a given moment. Positive forces return the balance to the original position, the negative ones break it down.


Solar systems, galaxies, living and non-living matter are transforming and adjusting to new conditions. Even man is constantly searching for the harmony and balance of different needs, fears, desires and creativity. I am grateful to clay that enables me to express all of this as a medium.