Name: The light of Apollo
Year of origin: 2020
Dimensions: 35 cm x 40 xm x 34 cm



The light of Apollo
For this artwork I got my inspiration from Greek mythology and the god Apollo. The meaning of his name is destroyer but at the same time he is the god of light, spring and moral purity. His bright and positive part is my inspiration.

As a god of contradictions is still relevant in our modern world full of opposites. Light and darkness, good and evil in the world and seeking balance. In the world of changes we must judge our attitude towards ourselves, others and the environment in which we live.

The basic form of my work is the circle as a symbol of perfection, without separation and division. The dynamics within the circle is representing constant changing, repeating and creating the rhythm of the circle of life. Good and bad, light and shadow, the pattern of empty space and line. The line as the basis of the composition is caught in the shape of the disc. It's twisted and it knits a web of optimism, life and light. The disc is divided into two poles by a ring. The whole composition is based on the cylinder as a carrier, which gives the artwork a feeling of stability and composure.