Name: The nest of Proteus
Year of origin: 2016
Dimensions: 45 cm x 60 cm x 35 cm
Exhibitions: Exhibition Ceramica
Multiplex 2016, Varaždin, Croatia



The nest of Proteus
For this work I found my inspiration in the nature of the underground world of Postojna cave. The female Proteus hatched eggs in the month of February (2016) and became the star of the media.

I wanted to make an organic form that represents a nest, a home, a shelter of the Proteus. We can interpret the balls that we see on the surface like attached eggs or the water drops which are tipical for the underground world. The web of holes presents the simbol of light and life, a fragile and sensitive world which resists in hard conditions like darkness, cold and moisture. The form, the attached balls and the holes are handmade. Balls are fixed on the surface before firing. I make the mix of paper clay by myself with my own recipe.