Name: Broken dreams
Exhibitions: Cluj International Ceramics
Biennale, Romania, 2019
Year: 2019



Broken dreams
I found the inspiration for my work in dreams. In history they were considered to be God's messages and today they are also considered as something mysterious, mystical. They are messages sent by our subconscious to our consciousness. When we dream, the ego disappears, but our unaware potential stays. Everything we ever knew or learned is there. Restless ideas in our dreams are eloquent and sparkling. They don't give us peace and they want to become a plan, an action.


The sculpture in the shape of a disc represents the level of our subconscious mind. That is a place of many broken, unrealized dreams, ideas, desires, which are represented by holes of different sizes. The dreams that we dream in the present or we'll dream in the future are defined with balls that grow on the surface of the disc and are positioned between the holes. This gives to the geometric shape of the disk dynamics. An additional element is the light that penetrates between the holes inside the sculpture and creates shades on the structured surface.