Name: Breath of life
Year of origin: 2014
Dimensions: 70 cm x 66 cm x 17 cm
Exhibitions: International Exhibition of Ceramics
and Glass MIX 14, Zagreb, Croatia
Award: Silver plaque



Breath of life
The inspiration of this work are air and water. The sculpture represents a fantastical form of lungs which identifies itself with a sea plant. Air and water are two important elements for life and energy, together with soil (paper clay) and fire (firing clay) they make a circle of classical elements.

The artwork is made with paper clay technique which allows me to achive subtile shapes, transparency and gives a solid standing structure. The work exspresses fragility and impermanence.

The balls illustrate water drops and oxigen. Life force, light, breathing and waveing water are flowing through holes. We can also notice the veins extended throuh the shape which is the simbol of life energy.